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February 17 2018
new circus program
"Legends of Baikal"


On a historical arena of Circus Ciniselli actors of the State circus of the Republic of Buryatia will act. For Circus of Buryatia the performance in so glorified place is the next call, on an arena of one of the oldest circuses of Russia only the best collectives act.

Actors of the Buryat circus in the cultural capital of the country will submit the Legends of Baikal program which residents of Yakutsk and Khabarovsk have managed to estimate. It will be the only performance of Circus of Buryatia dated for the celebration of Sagaalgan - the most important holiday the mongoloyazychnykh of the people who is dated for the beginning of New year according to the lunar calendar.

The powerful power, spirit of the nomadic people, ethnic sounds of national tools, improbable skill of circus actors which carry out all tricks without insurance will draw attention and will delight people of all age.

The fantastic atmosphere during the speech of actors is created due to the unique music and suits created manually, stunt combinations and modern choreography.



From February 23 till May 6 2018
new circus program
"Desire to fly"quot;


The main idea of statement – to open for the viewer the amazing and magic world of circus where there are possible any miracles. Here people find wings and fly under the dome without any insurance, and trainers speak with animals one language.

The speech of gymnasts on belts will become a key turn of the programme: Katerina Abakarova and Valery Sychev, owners of a set of awards of the most prestigious circus festivals worldwide. A keynote of the air composition filled with the most difficult stunt part – love and passion, sensuality and tenderness.

To an arena there will be representatives of one of the oldest circus dynasties – Gertnera's brothers with a fascinating attraction "An elephant and children" where children of trainers execute tricks on an equal basis with parents.

In the new program of the audience wait for bright attractions with the trained camels, monkeys, parrots and dogs and also a set of the most difficult acrobatic numbers.
Joyful emotions and unforgettable impressions to all audience will be presented by clowns: Sergey Kolganov and Oleg Belogorlov.




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