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Ballet in 3 acts

Music by P.TCHAIKOVSKY in the edition by R.DRIGO.
Choreography by M.PETIPA and L.IVANOV
Artistic Director of the production - Russian State Prize Laureate, People Artist of Russia N.BOYARTCHIKOV
This edition had done together with the St-Petersburg State Conservatoire named after N.Rimsky-Korsakov
Musical Director and Conductor -A.ANIKHANOV
Conductor - S.KHORIKOV
Stage Design - Moldova's State Prize Laureate V.OKUNEV, I.PRESS
Repetitors: Honoured artist of Russia L.Klimova, J.Kuks, Honoured artist of Russia A.Sidorov, N.Tagunov, Honoured artist of Karelia E.Pavlova, State Prize Laureate, Honoured artist of Russia S.Sheina


Scene 1
Prince Zigfrid is celebrating his coming of age. His friends invited him to go hunting.

Scene 2
Night. Shore of the lake. It is here that the wicked sorcerer Rotbart hides the maidens whom he has turned into swans. Only at nighttime he returns them their human look. Odetta is the most beautiful of them. She is the Queen of swans. Zigfrid is bewitched by her beauty. Odetta tells Prince her grievous story. Only faithful love could save the maidens from the evil magic. Zigfrid tells Odetta about his love and vows fidelity.


Scene 3
The ball in the castle. Zigfrid has to choose a bride for himself. Suddenly Rotbart appears. Beside him is his daughter Odillia. She is very much alike Odetta. Zigfrid takes her for his beloved and wants to announce her as his bride.
Sudden vision of Odetta makes Zigfrid realise that Rotbart has deceived him.


Scene 4
A shore of the lake. The Swans-maidens are waiting for Odetta. Odetta returns back and tells them about Zigfrid's faithlessness Zigfrid entreated Odetta about forgiveness. But the one who has broken vow of love evil magic is unable to ruin.
Zigfrid is ready to death to save Odetta. His sacrifice will break the evil magic. Zigfrid and Odetta disappear in the lake.